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.Officially the Chapter 33 has dissolved as an active chapter with the Association due to age and well being of our membership.
We continue to meet as a social group and will always be a part of the "4th Marine Division Association of WW II".
Glenn Thompson, Al Burke and Dennis Kavanaugh ... Semper Fi

Glenn and Daisy Thompson

President Glenn Thompson   
 (4th Signal Company) and his wife, Daisy. Glenn joined the Fourth Div. while it was being formed in North Carolina and made all four landings.  He came to Arizona in 1948 and had a career in Broadcast Engineering with KPHO-TV for 36 years. Now he is trying to learn a little about web site design and this web site has evolved to this rendering.

Glenn 1943
 Al and Maggie Burke

Vice President Al Burke     (2-E-24) 
shown here with his wife Maggie, is originally from Ohio but came to Arizona in 1949 and was a successful real estate broker for many years.

At right is Bill Bebury, Al Burke and
Pappy Martinn in Maui, Hawaii.

Al Burke and friends

Dennis and Norma Kavanaugh
Dennis Kavanaugh, Treasurer & Program Chairman (2-F-23) and his wife, Norma. Dennis worked for Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company for 35 years in various capacities, retiring as a staff engineer in 1976. He and Norma have been married for 73 years.
Below is a picture of the landing on Iwo Jima on Feb. 19, 1945 by the Second Batattion, 23rd Regiment, 4th Marine Division ... Dennis's unit.. Though he can't identify anyone in the picture, he can't be more than a few yards away as he landed with the first wave. 
Dennis Kavanaugh in 1944

    2nd Batalliion, 23rd Regiment, 4th Marine Division. Landing on Iwo Jima
    February 19, 1945